1.    What happens if I send money to an incorrect Cellphone number?

Please contact the Cashbaba call center on +256 775510133. Please note there may be a charge when requesting a reversal. 


2.    What is the maximum balance of Cashbaba?

The maximum balance for Cashbaba account-

Account Type

Maximum Balance




BDT 60,000,000

3. What can I do with the money of my Cashbaba Wallet account?

You can spend the money loaded into your Cashbaba Wallet account for different purposes. You can send money to your friends and family, you can transfer money from wallet to your bank account, you can purchase from any merchant/vendor integrated with Cashbaba by using your Cashbaba wallet, you can pay your utility bills, educational fees, you can top up your mobile, you can purchase tickets (bus, train, air, movie etc.), you can pay bills when you dine out, you can use it to pay online merchants more!


4. What is the maximum amount that a Cashbaba customer can transfer? 






5. What payment modes can I use to load money?

At present the Cashbaba Wallet Account supports four payment modes:

·          Net Banking

·          Through Agent

·          Credit cards

·          Debit cards

·          Request your friends & family to send you money on Cashbaba Wallet


6. Is it safe and secure in terms of our confidential details?

E-wallet is safe and secure to use. Cashbaba allows you to store multiple credit cards and bank account numbers with security as highest priority. It also eliminate account details which are required for every single transaction.


7. How can I add money to my Cashbaba Wallet?

Please check the user manual of Cashbaba posted in our website.


8. How can I transfer fund from my Cashbaba Wallet?


Please check the user manual of Cashbaba posted in our website.


9. How can I send request for money to my friends or family using Cashbaba wallet?


Please check the user manual of Cashbaba posted in our website.


10. How many accounts can I have?


Each user can have only one Cashbaba account. It’s a Cashbaba policy.


  11. If we save our card details for future use, will it be safe in my e-wallet account?

Because Cashbaba follows ISO and PCI- DSS standard, your card details in Cashbaba is totally safe and secure.


  12. If my transaction failed and payment deducted from my account what should I do?

If something goes wrong with your payment transaction and amount gets deducted from your account, in that case, the amount will be refunded back to your wallet. If the amount is not restored then  wait maximum 24 business hours to get the credit back to your wallet .  In case money not credited back to your account within that time period please contact us.

 13. If I lost my mobile what will happen to Cashbaba account?

Since your wallet is protected by your email and password, it is safe even though you have lost your phone. If you still suspect anybody has your password, firstly inform your mobile operator to block your SIM so that nobody has access to the OTP for transactions and at the same time please inform us via our customer care number and we will freeze your account.

14. Is there a limit to the number of times, I can load money into my Cashbaba account?


As per Cashbaba guidelines you cannot send more that BDT 500,000,000 in one transaction, however there is no limit to the number of transactions you can do up to the maximum of your balance limit per day


15. How long will it take to access my account?

There is no such time limit to access your account.  As soon as you created your account and update your profile you will be eligible to use your Cashbaba wallet.



16. What if I enter wrong password for 3 times?

Entering the wrong password thrice will block your e-wallet account for 3 hours you have to reset/ generate a new password by contacting our customer support department.


17. How can I apply for chargeback after making payment to the merchant?

If you believe your purchase to be a defective, materially different, mistaken or fraudulent, contact your merchant and dispute the charge or you can file a dispute with us at-

Email Address: support@cashbaba.co                  Phone number: +88-775510133

It may take up to 15 days for a dispute to resolve.


18. How do I withdraw money to a bank account?

It is very simple. You either will have to have your personal bank details added onto your e wallet and may transfer it into that account or you can use our wild transfer to transfer an amount to a bank account


19. If I close my account can I have my money back?

Definitely, you can have your money back into your bank account.


20. Will my wallet balance now earn interest?

No. No interest shall be payable on the balance available in your Cashbaba wallet.


21. What happens if I enter a wrong OTP while doing any transaction?

If you are doing any transaction and haven’t confirmed your payment with the correct OTP, your payment wouldn’t get declined. To complete your transaction you will have to complete the process again by entering the OTP correctly. If the OTP expires within the period, you have to send request for a new OTP.


22. What happens if there is no money in the account can I still do transactions?

You are not able to do any transaction if you do not have money in your account but you will be able to request money from your f &F which will enable you


23. How will I know when someone has sent me money via Cashbaba Wallet?

We’ll send an e-mail to your registered e-mail id, informing you of the amount and the source. We will also send you a notification on your smart phone (on your registered number). And of course, your account history always shows you all your incoming and outgoing funds.


24. Why can’t I send money although I’m registered?

If your account is set to limited, you will not be able to send money from your Cashbaba Wallet. It can happen, if-

a. your account balance is zero

b. the system finds the transaction as potentially fraudulent

b. no transaction has taken place for last 6 months from your wallet

c. you have entered wrong information while registering with Cashbaba

d. enforced by the regulatory body


25. How long does it take to receive the money transferred into my account?

The money will be transferred to your account instantly.


26. What is the time length I have to dispute a transaction in case of online purchase?

You are eligible to initiate a chargeback request if you believe that your purchase is a defective, materially different, mistaken or fraudulent one. Such chargeback request should be initiated within 7 days of receiving the product or service.


27. What do I do if I never received my purchase?

Please contact us via support@cashbaba.co and raise a dispute we will then take action to resolve the issue and if your dispute is legit you will be refunded.


28. Why didn’t I receive my account activation mail?

If you do not receive your activation email, first check whether if you have send us the correct email address then check your junk/spam folder to ensure that it did not fall in those boxes. If you still have not received your activation email, please contact us by calling +88- 775510133 , or by emailing us at email: support@cashbaba.ug


29. How do I withdraw funds from Cashbaba?

You can withdraw funds from Cashbaba directly to your bank account.


30. Are there any fees associated with Cashbaba?


Service charge applicable to Cashbaba transactions-


Description of Service Charge

Service Charge


Top up to e-Wallet



Payment Through QR Code



Service charges on Bank transfer (Cash transferred to bank account)

BDT 2500 or 1%


Service charges on Online Payment


Through E-Wallet


Through Bank/ Credit Card

BDT 2500 or 1%


Bill Payment

BDT 2500 or 1%





Through Bank



Through Agent



Credit Card Payment


31. How do I dispute a Refund? (Applicable for Business Account)

Whenever a refund is agreed to be made by you to a user, you should issue a credit slip to us within 7 days after the charge back has been agreed to be made by you to the user and we will debit the your account at the earliest.


32. If I have more questions about Cashbaba eWallet, who do I contact? 

Please contact our Customer Support:

Phone: +88-775510133                Email: support@cashbaba.co