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Your business needs a secure, effective and friendly payment system to accept payments of your valued customers. CashBaba is the most suitable payment platform to collect your payment in an efficient, smooth and swift manner through a powerful payment gateway to perform secure electronic payment processing. It provides reliable and robust solution to e- commerce and mobile commerce. CashBaba helps you to focus on your business and customer rather being worried about payment collection.

Register with CashBaba and Enjoy Cashless Transaction in three simple steps.

Step 1

Download Cashbaba App, Go to Sign Up, Provide Mobile Number, Password and Click on Register Button

Step 2

You will receive a verification code on your registered mobile number. Verify your mobile number.

Step 3

Scan your NID, take your Photo and provide your Business Information and Business Documents.

The basic informations for business user

Affordable Alternative

There is no hardware cost, no upgradation cost and neither any additional cost for software. With zero cost investment, you can become a merchant of CashBaba!

Provides Mobility

CashBaba provides you the mobility to receive payments anywhere, at any time. All your customer needs is to scan your and make payments within seconds.

Distribution Channel Payment

You can manage your distribution channel payment through CashBaba when you have multiple level of channel partners to sell your products at the lowest cost.

PCI DSS Certified

As a PCI DSS certified company, we ensure the highest security of processing payment card's data and conduct prevention measures to any upcoming security issues.

Access to 61,000 POS machines, most E-Commerce sites and 11,000 ATM machines across the country. No additional POS machine or any equipment

CashBaba Card

Facilitates the worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions

Receive QR Payment

User-friendly report with real time transaction history is available

Real Time Reporting

CashBaba provides instant payment notification to both, merchant and customers.

Instant Notification

Schedule payroll of your whole team in just one click, enable recurring payments and we'll take care of all of it for you

Salary Disbursement

You don’t need to worry about managing payment issues manually. CashBaba is equipped for taking care of payment procedures uninterruptedly. It gives you more opportunity to concentrate on more imperative business matters and helps you to grow your business.

Grow Your Business
Sl. No Description Amount (BDT)
1. Maximum balance at any point of time As per Transaction Profile
2. Add Money through any channel per transaction As per Transaction Profile
3. Add Money Per Month As per Transaction Profile
4. Sale As per Transaction Profile
5. Vendor Payment As per Transaction Profile
6. Transfer to Bank A/C As per Transaction Profile

Note: * CashBaba reserves the right to change the limit structure at its discretion.

Service Fee/Charge(Including VAT)
Registration Free
Account Maintenance Free
Unlink Bank BDT 5
Add Money from Bank Free
Add Money from Card 1.25%
Transfer Money to Bank (Any Amount) BDT 25
Supplier Payment Free
Receive Payment (QR Code/Online) 1.25%
Receive Supplier Payment BDT 10
Transaction History Free
Virtual Cash Payment Receive 1.25%
ATM Cash Out (Any amount) BDT 25
* CashBaba reserves the right to change the fee structure at its discretion.