Mobile Top Up

Your prepaid or postpaid mobile recharge is just a click away with CashBaba! We provide Mobile Recharge services for all the mobile operators of Bangladesh including GrameenPhone, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink and TeleTalk. You can also recharge the mobile number of your friends and family with this app. To recharge a number, simply perform the following steps:

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Select Your Operator
  • Enter the Mobile Number and Amount
  • Recharge the Number

Add Money

Adding money to your CashBaba wallet is quick, easy and secure. It is necessary to add money to your CashBaba wallet or receive fund from another user before commencing any financial transaction through this application. You can add money to your CashBaba wallet from your bank account or your debit/credit card instantly. It will also enable you to add multiple bank accounts or cards to your wallet. You will be able to use this fund to make payments at various places such as departmental stores, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, mobile recharge platform, while online payments and at any CashBaba registered merchant’s place. To add money to your CashBaba wallet you must-

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Link Your Bank Account or Card
  • Enter the Amount
  • Add Money to Your Wallet

Fund Transfer

CashBaba is the simplest, most efficient and cost-free method of sending money to your friends and family. You can send money to anyone at anytime and anywhere with just a finger tap. We allow our customers to receive and send money which is absolutely free of cost. All you need is the mobile number of the beneficiary. To transfer fund, you must:

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Select Fund Transfer
  • Add your beneficiary
  • Enter the Amount
  • Transfer Fund

Virtual Cash

Without providing cash or sharing your card data, you can help your friends and family to use your money at any CashBaba registered merchant for online payment or withdraw cash from ATM booths very easily. Generate a virtual cash number for any specific amount or a specific merchant and share this number with the beneficiary. They will then, use this number while making payment at the merchant point or e-commerce site after which the payment for that specific amount will be fulfilled. To generate a virtual cash, you must:

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Select Virtual Cash
  • Enter the Amount
  • Select Merchant (if merchant specific)
  • Generate a Virtual Cash Number


You can easily withdraw your wallet balance at anytime simply, by clicking on “Withdraw” on your application dashboard and choosing the amount of money you want to withdraw. You can draw out funds through your linked bank account or ATM machines at an affordable cost. Cashbaba will enable you to pay your monthly credit card bill by withdrawing money to your credit card. To withdraw from your wallet, you must:

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Select Withdraw
  • Select the Bank account
  • Enter the Amount
  • Withdraw Fund

Utility Bill

CashBaba’s utility bill payment service brings you a fast, secure, convenient, hassle-free and smart solution to all your bill payment requirements. Pay all your utility bills without standing in long queues and with the comfort of your home or workplace 24/7. Please check for relevant biller to make the bill payment. You can add recurring payments with customizable scheduling features. It auto pays the bill from the wallet balance on a pre-determined date. All it needs is the balance available in your wallet. To pay your bill from your wallet, you have to-

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Select Bill Payment
  • Select Your Service Provider
  • Make the payment