Go Cashless for Payments or Shopping

No cash transaction, neither any card payments are required anymore since CashBaba now enables you to make any kind of financial transaction with the help of your mobile phone or website from any point of location, at any time. Add money from any bank account or card and spend it on your preferred services. It not only provides transaction facilities at affordable price but also facilitates you to manage your accounts easily with the best possible security and support. Our system allows you to open accounts, free of charge. You can send or receive money, transfer funds, pay bills, recharge mobile number, make payments to merchants, shop online and pay fees with your CashBaba wallet. Its features are completely limited by your imagination.

Register with CashBaba and Enjoy CashLess Transaction in Three Simple Steps.

Step 1

Download the app, create your username and password, verify your mobile number and email address.

Step 2

Scan your NID from the app and then take your photo through the app.

Step 3

Provide your personal information and address to complete your profile, add money and start your transactions immediately!

The basic informtaions for personal user

Integrated payment

CashBaba is an intelligent payment system. Through this application you will be able to access your bank accounts and credit/debit cards easily!

Simple to load money

You can add money to your CashBaba wallet from your bank account or your debit/ credit card instantly, free of charge. You will also be able to add multiple bank accounts or cards to your wallet.

Secure Payment

Your Financial Security is our top most priority leaving you free from all financial security concerns. We are PCI-DSS complaint and each of the transactions you make through CashBaba is secured with your password, PIN, biometric identification and OTP in order to add extra protection.

Recurring payments

You can add recurring payments for paying your bills with customizable scheduling features. It auto-pays the bill from the wallet balance on a pre-determined date. All it needs is the balance available in your wallet.

Your prepaid or postpaid mobile recharge is just a click away with CashBaba!

Mobile Topup

Add money to your CashBaba wallet from your bank account or your debit/credit card instantly, free of charge.

Add Money

The simplest, most efficient and a cost-free way to convey money to your friends and family.

Fund Transfer

Without sharing your card data, generate a virtual cash number, share it with your friends and family and help them to make a payment at CashBaba registered merchant points.

Virtual Cash

You can easily withdraw your wallet funds at any time to your bank account.


The fastest, most secure, convenient and the smartest bill payment solution.

Utility Bill

Sl. No Description Amount (BDT)
1. Maximum balance at any point of time 4,00,000
2. Add Money through any channel per transaction 1,00,000
3. Add Money Per Month 4,00,000
4. Purchase 4,00,000
5. Fund transfer
- Per transaction limit
- Daily limit
- Monthly limit

6. Withdraw to Bank A/C
- Per transaction limit
- Daily limit
- Monthly limit

7. Mobile Recharge (Single number)
- Per transaction
- Daily limit (pre-paid)
- Daily limit (post-paid)


Note: *CashBaba reserves the right to change the limit structure at its discretion.
** Customer is not allowed to do any transaction (receive or transfer) before the approval of bank account.

Service Fee/Charge
Registration Free
Utility Bill Payment BDT 10
Credit Card Bill Payment 1.25%
Add Money from Debit/Credit Card Free
Add Money from Bank Free
Transfer Money to Bank 1.25%
Send Money (Wallet to Wallet) Free
Receive Money (Wallet to Wallet) Free
Mobile Recharge Free
QR Code Purchase Free
Transaction History Free
** CashBaba reserves the right to change the fee structure at its discretion.
*** Transaction fee or charges imposed on the customers shall be a national matter, therefore Governmental and regulatory approvals is also required and it will be taken care of.